The route is intended for experienced MTB cyclists. This is not a gravel bikepacking race on MTB; it is a long-distance bikepacking race on MTB trails and paths in the wilderness. The route is not optimized for performance, distance, or elevation gain. We have been preparing the route for several years with the aim of finding a long-distance rideable MTB trail in the Carpathian wilderness. No mountain range in Europe has similar characteristics. Mixed forests of deciduous and coniferous trees will accompany you along the entire route, passing through mountain meadows and ridges at an altitude of approximately 2000
meters above sea level. If you love MTB, remote places, wilderness without boundaries, the immersion of nature around you, then you are in the right race.

This is not just a race; this is one big adventure!


The race starts in western Slovakia near the capital city, Bratislava, where the Carpathian arc begins. Your journey will continue for 640km along the Slovakia Divide route, a bikepacking race across Slovakia and will take you to the easternmost part of the country, where a single checkpoint awaits you in a small village. At the checkpoint, you can eat, sleep under a roof, and then continue your journey to Hungary.

The character of the Slovak section of the route is 95% MTB trail, mostly doubletrack, sometimes singletrack, but the route is optimized for maximum immersion with wilderness and places without civilization. You will encounter only a few tourists along the way. On the route through Slovakia, there is an almost 200km long section without civilization. Wildlife in this area include foxes, wild boars, deer, roe deer, and even a small chance of encountering a wolf or bear.


After the challenging route through Slovakia, you will encounter a 300km section of relaxation on flat fields, interesting cycling paths consisting mainly of gravel and asphalt through the Hungarian countryside, until you reach the Romanian mountains. Wildlife in this area include foxes, wild boars, and roe deer.


After resting in Hungary, you will encounter mountainous sections ranging from 30 to 150 kilometers without civilization. With good planning, you won’t find yourself without food or water. The Romanian part of the route can be more technically challenging for mountain biking, especially during some descents. To ease descents, we recommend a telescopic seatpost and good tires suitable for all conditions, including mud. The natural landscape consists of mixed forests, with a predominance of coniferous forests at higher elevations. You will see the diversity of the Carpathian wilderness particularly in the Romanian section. From lowlands, which you won’t encounter much, to moderately high forested ridges at 1400 meters above sea level, to high ridges above 1800 meters above sea level. After 1900 kilometers of beautiful and unforgettable experiences, we will be waiting for you near the city of Sibiu. In the Romanian part of the route, you may not encounter any tourists. Wildlife in the area include foxes, deer, roe deer, with a moderate chance of encountering a bear and a small chance of encountering a wolf. Sheepherding dogs will become an everyday encounter.

In Romania, we do not recommend riding at night due to the technical terrain far from civilization, making rescue difficult, and the potential presence of bears or encounters with shepherd dogs, which tend to be more territorial at night.