About us

One of the main organizers of the Carpathian Mountain Race is Aleš Tajták, a long-time bikepacker with experience riding across Europe and Asia who is always searching for the next great MTB adventure around the world. His specialty is the Carpathian Arc comprising the wild nature of Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania. His dream was to create a bikepacking race across the Carpathian Arc as the toughest MTB bikepacking race in Europe. Throughout his journey, he optimized the route to make it not necessarily the hardest race but to create a rideable MTB route through the Carpathian Arc immersing you with European wilderness, a non-stereotypical route that will turn into one big adventure.

After several years of scouting in the wild, we managed to complete and optimize the route to make it rideable for most experienced MTB bikepackers. As a team of enthusiastic bikepackers from Slovakia, we also organize the Slovakia Divide event every year, which has some history and its own supporters and fans.